Musicians feeding your spiritual needs


Group and Team renewal through music, prayer and liturgy revitalize and refresh your team or group with an N2K retreat, or invite us to join in your retreat. We offer music that will help open your minds and hearts to the core theme of the retreat, helping you reach your full potential. We can also offer our skills in business analysis, meditation or prayer. It will be a time of refreshment, re-invigorization, renewal, revision and of rediscovering all that you value and know to be true.


? To get your group into a positive mind/heart set enthusiastic about your group and the future.

? To create an environment that is conducive to clarifying goals for the coming year

? To make explicit what is valuable about your group

? To build cooperation and to reduce/prevent conflict

? To orient new members

? To develop team cohesiveness

? To help your leadership discove rand provide the resources you need to make your endeavor a rich and rewarding experience.