Musicians feeding your spiritual needs

"Norm Freeman knows jazz and he knows prayer and he knows liturgy, and he knows how to put it all together for an experience of worship that opens the doors of the church wider than you might imagine. And everyone wants to get inside." 

~The Rev. Anne S. Howard, Associate Rector Retired? Trinity Episcopal Church, Santa Barbara, CA

"What else makes the Jazz Vespers service so unique? Maybe it's the melding of jazz, a quintessentially American art form that is at once introspective and exploratory, with the centuries-old liturgy of the Church. Based on the late-day service known as "Evensong," Jazz Vespers allows liturgists and artists to invest traditional worship with a soaring sense of the divine."

~Bill Slocum, Contributor The New York Times

"Hi Norm! The "notices" are coming in and people cannot stop talking about the wonderful music and the worship. "Let's have them every Sunday!" has been said more than once. It was glorious...a new experience for folks who had previously thought of jazz as sort of cheesy music. We have begun to dream of next year... Would you all consider coming back on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend next year? I want to tell you personally what a joy it was to meet you, and have some time to talk. God is truly using you in remarkable ways, but that indeed is the kind of God we have. Amazing! Thanks for coming." -Mother Toni, Rector

~St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, Sacramento, CA

"Wow. Thank you so much for giving me the CD of the Jazz Vespers. I am so impressed, not only with the quality of the music but the quality of production, too. You are a phenomenal vibe player, Norm, and the other players are damn good, too. And you were right, as I was listening to the General Thanksgiving, the individual solo voices came out of the mixed congregation and highlighted each prayer. Beautiful. I hope you can some how continue this work. Also, thank you for your conversations during our time together in Denver, and for being so supportive of my music and other creative work."

~William Campbell?

“I was impressed with the musical work your group is doing. I also loved what I saw on the website in terms of your use of jazz in worship. Keep it up!!! We need this kind of creativity at work in the church. I hope I can come and worship with you at some time in the future.”

~Tex Sample

"Vespers and jazz truly become one, being brought together by the Holy Spirit's integration of Father Freeman's deep spiritual integrity and his exceptional musical talent."

~The Venerable Malcom Barnum Archdeacon, The Diocese of CT

"Dear Norm, Just wanted to thank you again for a great Jazz Vespers last Sunday. I have heard marvelous things from many people, how they love to watch you play and how much they enjoyed the youngster on the piano. Tom has played your CD quite a lot already. We both like it! We may have to do it again since the "feed back" has been tremendous. Blessings!"

~Martha Lamar, Music Director St. Columba’s, Camarillo, CA