Musicians feeding your spiritual needs

Inspired by Music Chamber Music Concerts Enrich Life

"From awe to awesome"

... with a Fresh Approach to Standard Concerts - We add variety through instruments and programming.

Our chamber music concerts have a broad variety and appeal, in the styles of jazz to Classical, and everything in between. Whether we are performing in a concert hall, your home or a sacred space, you are sure to come away refreshed and revitalized.

N2K Duo Soul Break

You are treated to a variety of musical works, all composed or arranged by N2K Duo: sacred, popular, classical, meditation, and original works. N2K Duo created and introduced a new, virtually wordless, musical service we call a “Soul Break”. It’s a blend of musical meditations – an invitation to a place of safety where you can relax amidst the expansiveness of sacred time and space, where you can know peace, awakening your still, small voice within, finding grace and communion.

We Invite You to Host a House Concert

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Host a House Concert

#1) It just might be the most memorable evening of the season.

#2) Your living room has never sounded this good!

#3) Know that every note is being played for you.

#4) Share your passion for live music and the arts with your favorite people

#5) Connect with your family and friends in a new way.

#6) All who attend will thank you for years to come.

#7) Meet the musicians at your own pace.

#8) Acoustic instruments sound unbelievable when you hear them up close!

#9) You can hear a concert from the comfort of your favorite chair, with the nearest chair where you put it.

#10) Aldous Huxley: "After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music."