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Review: A Soul Break

By Norm Freeman on Aug 07, 2016 at 04:16 PM

MARTH has recorded more than one hundred albums over the last thirty years, and has composed and produced for healing artists.

His music is exquisitely soothing, calming and gentle as a Hawaiian sunrise. Each series is played in a different music ensemble.

Most remarkable is A Soul Break, a transcendent album by the Juilliard-trained duo, Norm Freeman on vibraphone and Katherine Cash on violin, with music composed by MARTH.

He writes: “I feel that genuine healing for mankind occurs through a particular Truth. The truth of science is that this world is unknown and inexplicable, like a dream. Nothing will give me greater pleasure than if this album invites listeners to the unknown.” This angelic music speaks the pure language of the heart— highly recommended!

From Summer 2016 Light of Consciousness, Journal of Spiritual Awakening